Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My First Day of Class 5 !

In Thursday morning on 19/4/2012 I woke up at 6 O’ clock. I put my school uniform at 7:05 took my breakfast at 7:55. I was wait for bus at 8:10 and arrived to school at 8:35.

When I was at school I met my big brother and friends after a long time. I played and talked with them. After some time assembly started and I go to class. My friends were making noise I had silence and wrote a post for my blog.

It was first day of class 5 so there were no lessons. Mam came and told to dance, sing, tell joke and story.

One new mam came and introduced herself. She asked all of our name and she told to play some thing. We played Hangman and bell rang and mam went.

Next, Yoga sir came and gave lecture for yoga.

It was fun whole day, we played and go home.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mother !

MotherMother is a woman who gives child birth. Mother is also called Aama, Maata, Mom etc. Mother is a member of family and wife of father.

When I was small, I played in my mother’s lap, I sit in my mother’s lap, I slept in mother’s lap. Mother feels very hard to give birth to a child.

Every mother give birth to child. I love my mother very much.

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Happy New Year !!!