Sunday, July 1, 2018

Was i not good enough ?

It was raw and numbing; my heart when you left me all alone 
it was a empty casket with no feelings nor anyone to  oanh
the scars you left there was deep enough not to ever fade
i just wanted someone to love and get loved was all i bayed...

Did you not fathom out  me, sometimes a dark side of  me felt 
cause the hiraeth and gachis was all i felt when your arms held 
all i find is heartbreak and misery and all i wanna know is ,why?
not any words could have been compared to a better goodbye  

but just why, will you say me; was i not good enough as she was?
i may was the more scared,more depressed,more broken one alas
but i had the same heart as she had and had the same warmth and fondness
but only if you would have given us a chance our love would have been flawless ...
                                                                                                                                                               -(Dipta Acharya)

(after a long time that i had left the blog, it interested me once again to start posting my yep)

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